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About Proviziv

With its roots here in New Zealand, PROVIZIV is today a global brand dedicated to providing effective and premium quality Promotional and Display products to assist in:

  1. Improving Brand recognition
  2. Establishing and Enhancing your Corporate image
  3. Exposing and Conveying your Business message
  4. Launching new Products and Services
  5. Increasing Company awareness

Customer assurance and satisfaction is our No. 1 Priority.
At PROVIZIV we don’t just expect your order, we want to deserve it.

Our thousands of satisfied customers are just like you! They are people who are looking for a reliable supplier of Flags, Banners and Customised Display Products (such as Pull-Up Displays, Portable Wall Displays and Promotional products) but who also insist on quality, integrity and great customer service, values all of which are also closely integrated with the PROVIZIV brand.


To provide quality, ongoing assistance in increasing your brand recognition and image enhancement through a range of advanced and effective Promotional tools in the form of Flags, Banners and Custom Display & Promotional products.


Our Goals are:

  1. To be a leading supplier of Flags & Banners, Custom Display and Promotional Products in New Zealand, Australia and the wider Pacific region.
  2.  For our PROVIZIV brand to be globally recognized as a mark of premium quality, reliability and integrity.
  3.  To continually develop, advance and refine our product range to ensure that we stay ahead with new products and ideas in view of being able to satisfy every customer requirement both now and into the future.

So give us a call, we are available 7:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday

NZ Free phone: 0800 144 155
International phone: +64 (0)9 438 6862
Email: info@proviziv.co.nz

 Our friendly and helpful sales team are waiting to assist you.